DIY: How To Revive Your Weave

DIY: How To Revive Your Weave

DIY How To Revive Your WeaveDIY: How To Revive Your Weave

Have you recently purchased the Hairven Hair Care Kit (see review HERE), and have no idea on how to use them? I would recommend the following steps on reviving your expensive weave without stress!!

What you need!!

  • Flat paddle Brush
  • Tooth Comb
  • Bendy Rollers
  • Hairven Leave-in-conditioner
  • Hairven Smooth and Silky Serum

Step 1

From the weft to the tips, use the Flat paddle brush, to brush your weave evenly. I suggest the Flat paddle brush because it allows you to brush your weave evenly and if you decide to blow dry the hair out, the flat paddle brush is best suited to straighten out the weave.

Step 2

Using the Hairven Leave-in-conditioner, press 3-6 pumps into your palm and massage evenly through out your weave. Massage gently until all parts of the weave have been attended to.

Step 3

For an after-bouncy-feel, use the tooth-comb to comb through to weave, in order to roll tightly with the bendy rollers/ flexi rollers. I tend to sleep with the rollers as I love the results the next day.

Step 4

After I remove the rollers, I use my hand to adjust the curls properly to my taste. Then I apply the Hairven Hair Serum to give my hair that natural shine.

…..And with that i,m good to go, struting out in my cool cat shades and ofkess the signature red lippy!!!

Have an amazing weekend!!

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So one day, i got bored and learnt how to arch my brows and all that contour ish. The next day I learnt how to do wigs, then i decided to write about all my skills and the interesting and not so-interesting things i learn in this no-fuel country/hardlife plus struggle-to-be-great of a world!!

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