5 Makeup Mistakes That Would Get You in Trouble with the Beauty Police

5 Makeup Mistakes That Would Get You in Trouble with the Beauty Police

Makeup is so good. It helps you enhance your beauty and create the look you want… I mean, if you want a structured face, just contour it, want fuller lips, just line it and so on.

As good as it sounds, using makeup the wrong way could be disastrous and unattractive. Here are 5 makeup mistakes some ladies make;

1. Overly Dark Brows: makeup

This is indeed a makeup crime and I will tell you why. If you use a dark and close to black shade, and literally paint your eyebrows; carving out sharp edges, you would look like a cast from a village movie. Instead, use a soft brown shade to draw your brows lightly.

2. Too thin eyebrows: makeup

 Extremely thin or sparse eyebrows give a very harsh look to the face, not to mention, that it looks very unnatural. Have your brows shaped by a professional.

3. Dark Lip Liner: makeup

 Lip liners are meant to define the edges of your lips, so that your lip colors do not bleed, especially dark ones. So ease up on the liners!

 4. Touching up day old makeup:

There are ladies, who think that a slept over makeup, with a few swipes and touch ups here and there; in the morning can give their skin all the glory that it needs. Wrong! Your skin will be ridded with all the possible problems.

 5. Just Focusing on the Face: makeup

This is the most common crime of all. Focusing on just your face will make you look multi-coloured and sometimes like a ghost. When making up, don’t leave out your neck area and your ears. Doing this will leave your looking natural and unghoslty (if that’s a word) especially in pictures. Take note dolls.

Kamdolls, are you guilty of any of these? Share with us by commenting below… xoxo

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  • kemi ojo March 9, 2015 1:12 am

    kamdols,kip it up,pls,my face goes oily after some time whn i make up,i mean when i make up,my face goes oily afer some few hours,pls what could caused it and the solution,i want a long lasting make up

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