How to Cook What?: Pepper Soup

How to Cook What?: Pepper Soup

How to Cook What?: Pepper Soup

What you will need to prepare Pepper soup 

• Chicken/ goat meat/ cow leg/ assorted beef – 1kg

• Ehu or ariwo or calabash nutmeg -4 seeds

• Chili pepper (to taste)

• Dry uziza (scent leaves) – 2 teaspoons (optional)

• Onions -2 medium bulbs

• Crayfish – 2 tablespoons of ground crayfish

• Salt

• 3 Seasoning cubes and a teaspoon of thyme

P.s Directions vary depending on meat choice:


If preparing chicken soup, it is preferable to use life chicken instead of frozen chicken. The life parts of the chicken

would give a better and fresher taste to the pepper soup. Wash and cut up the whole chicken and set aside.

-Assorted beef

For assorted beef pepper soup, get different parts of beef- best cut, offal (shaki, round-about (intestines), liver and kidney). Wash the offal thoroughly especially the round-about(intestines) which should be turned inside out during the washing. Chop these into bite size pieces.

-Goat Meat

For goat meat pepper soup and cow leg pepper soup, just wash and cut the goat meat or cow leg into medium pieces. In this case also, make sure these are chopped into bite size pieces.

How to prepare

1. Using an old frying pan, roast the ehu seeds (stirring constantly) till you can perceive the aroma. (This indicates

it’s time to take it of the cooker.) You should also try to take off the outer membrane of the seeds. If the membrane

comes off easily, then the ehu is done.

2. Peel off the membrane from all the ehu seeds and grind in a dry mill.

3. Cut the onions in tiny pieces Or you might prefer to blend them.

4. Rub the dry uziza with your fingers to break them into pieces.

5. Place the pieces of meat in a pot and pour enough water to cover the contents of the pot. Add the stock cubes, thyme and onions to cook till done.

6. When cooking assorted beef pepper soup, you should cook shaki for some time before adding the other parts. Shaki is tough and will take longer to cook than the other parts.

-Cow leg is a tough meat part so when cooking cow leg pepper soup, you should use a pressure cooker if you have one. This will save you some gas or electricity.

7. By now, you will notice that some of the water has dried. Add more water to bring it to the level of the contents of the pot.

8. Add the powdered ehu, crayfish, dry uziza, chili pepper and salt to taste. Ehu has some spicy taste so you should add chili pepper with care. Even though it is called pepper soup, you still want to be able to taste and enjoy the recipe itself; too much chili pepper will ruin it for you.

9. Cover the pot and leave it to boil for 5 minutes and the pepper soup is ready.

10. It should be served hot, it can be eaten alone with a chilled drink or eaten with rice or boiled yam.

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    hi Maggie, Ugba n okporoko is same way u prepare Nkwobi. kamdora pls gv us more recipes.
    Am new here and I love ur blog

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