Your Bra & You

Your Bra & You

Your Bra & YouBra Myths That You Should Stop Believing

Even though we all wear bras, there are generally 2 categories of women:

a. Women that love them

b. Women that dont.

Ether ways we all have to wear them sometime. And even though its the 21st century, there are still so many contradictory facts about what’s good and what’s not. Well this post is going to shed light on some of the common and frequently asked about myths concerning this.

1. How often should you wash your bra?

Bras are not a self-cleansing clothing item!!. Many ladies don’t seem to realize this. It doesnt matter what colour your bar is. Ensure to wash them as often as you wear them. Bras sit across your back and under your boobs — 2 of many regions that tend to get pretty sweaty all so often. Your bra absorbs this sweat and dry up and eventually stink!. Do you still think you should wear them for 2 weeks before washing??

2. Is wearing a bra bad for your health?

This started out as a science project where a woman who didn’t like wearing bra was found to be at a lower risk of developing breast cancer. There is no scientific proof to back this up!. People wear bras for various reasons: to support their boobs, too define their outfit and many more. Wear a bra or don’t. ts your choice to make.

3. Sleeping with your bra on will make them perky and firm

Sorry ladies but this is not true!. If you want firm boobs (read HERE) opt for supportive bras. Wearing them  over time can help especially when exercising.

4. Is it ok to wash your bra in a washing machine?

The center drum can crush cups and stretch straps if they snag on them and hot water can break down the elasticity of the bra…So, if you want to go the machine route, hook the bra and place into a mesh bag and wash in cool water with a gentle detergent.” Bra expert and author of The Bra Book Jene Luciani.

This is ok but the best option though is to handwash your bras by soaking them in a sink.

5. Does wearing a bra make your bobs sag?

A research carried out showed that “The tension caused by not wearing a bra may increase collagen growth, making breasts higher,”…i know right?. 

But good news ladies, you don’t have to walk around bra less just to keep your boobs looking perkier. Execrising the underlying muscles (under the boobs), strengthening your chest and back can help create balance, improve your posture, and lift your boobs.

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