Makeup for Girls with Low Cut

Makeup for Girls with Low Cut

low cutGrowing up, we were made to believe that low cuts were for guys and that a girl had to have long hair to be feminine and pretty. But looking around us today, we know that this isn’t true. Many kamdolls are taking all their permed hair out to allow growth of fresh natural hair. This is one of 2 transitioning processes and it is called the big chop (read HERE).

Low cut is a daring move to try; ladies cut their hair for various reasons such as wanting to re-grow their hair or just because they are tired of maintaining a long hair. Whatever the reason for going low is, you still have the right to look good and feminine. The big question is what kind of makeup suits girls with low cut?

Makeup tips for low cuts

1. This cut makes all your features very obvious so makee sure to opt for makeup choices that highlight and frame the face.

2. Apply a foundation colour that suits your face and neck. Always remember to blend properly.

3. It’s always good to play and enhance a particular feature. If you want to play with your eyes, have fun with it. You can choose to go with neutral shades during the day and brighter shades at night.

4. Make sure your eyebrows are groomed perfectly. Watch this DIY tutorial (HERE) on how to get your brows on fleek. Keep in mind that eyebrows define your face.

-Accentuate your haircut with a smoky eye and bold brows.

-If you went all out with your eye makeup, you can decide to keep it simple with your lips and vice versa.

5. Define your eyes by using eyeliner or a kohl pencil/ kajal on your upper and lower eyelid.

6. Contouring your face will give your face the edge it needs to stand out. Learn how to contour your face (HERE).

See some gorgeous looks below..

Look 1: @itskiva
Look 1: @itskiva
Look 2: marrgee
Look 2: marrgee
Look 3
Look 3
Look 4
Look 4
Look: Amber Rose
Look 5: Amber Rose
Natalie Portman
Look 6: Natalie Portman

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Kamdolls, what are your thoughts on short hair? We love hearing from you, please leave your answers by commenting below… xoxo

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