He-Inspired: Tomboy Style

He-Inspired: Tomboy Style

He-Inspired: Tomboy Style

“Only a few things are sexier than a girl who can embrace her masculine side without loosing a hint of her feminine essence”. Chimedzam, stylish mom.

Have you noticed that the female fashion has imitated a couple’o pieces from the men’s wardrobe? well we have!

There is something about the tomboy style that is so empowering, from tuxedos, bow ties, suspenders, boyfriend jeans to brogues and so on it is a common sight to spot a woman in these and we are loving it.

The shapes of these pieces are masculine but the tailoring feels feminine and easy. How lovely is it that we can easily pull these off and it’s almost impossible for men to wear a skirt or a blouse… LOL!

janelle Monae
Janelle Monae

Monochrome & tuxe lover, Janelle Monae is our tomboy style fashion icon. This is because she has successfully redefined the tomboy look, creating refashioning and stylish looks that tell very great stories.

This style trend is so versatile and can totally be worn to the office if done right.

How To’s: Wearing men inspired tomboy outfits

This trend isn’t for everyone; it takes a particular level of attitude and confidence to pull this off. Here are some tips to consider with this trend;

1. They are masculine already, so you need to pair them with feminine accessories. We don’t want you going around looking like a man.

2. When wearing a bow tie or a tuxedo, make sure you wear heels, it will make you look taller and more feminine.

3. Pair brogues with a feminine dress to balance your look.

4. Steer away from the Norm: Avoid the usual black and white masculine look, don’t be afraid to get these outfits in other colours.

4. Keep it casual with these outfits, masculine doesn’t necessarily mean formal. Pair these pieces with jeans to create a refreshing casual Friday work look.

Check out some our fave he-inspired looks below


Stephanie Okafor
Stephanie Okafor

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