How To’s: Wearing A Brooch

How To’s: Wearing A Brooch

Brooches are one of the most underutilized fashion accessories and contrary to popular beliefs, you don’t have to be 40 to pull off a brooch. Over the years, brooches have grown from just been an elderly woman’s go-to solution for a wardrobe malfunction to a very transforming costume jewelry

Brooches are vintage accessories that are fastened to clothing with a hinged pin or clasp. A good tip for wearing brooches without ruining the garment they are been pinned to is to simply attach a foam sponge inside as you buckling the brooch.

Every girl should own a brooch because they are versatile and can be used in various ways to totally  transform an outfit.  It is also suitable for most occasions including your work environment. These accessories come in various designs & sizes and are made from different materials some of which include crystals, feathers, plastic stones, sea shells, pearls and so on.

Pair a heavy brooch with a thin dress, it’ll crease unattractively and put an elaborate brooch on a formal dress and you’ll attract unnecessary attention.

Wearing a brooch

There are no set rules governing how you should wear your brooch. Enjoy your jewelry and  wear them as you see fit.

1. Werk it.

Michelle Obama

Be unique: Learn to create your own style. Pair a vintage jewels from the past with a modern piece of clothing. Our style idol here is the fist lady, Michelle Obama who always has her brooch game on fleek.

2. Go gentle.


Brooches are statement’ pieces and are more noticeable and appealing when they contrast with the background, that is, black and dark coloured ones will work best with bright colours and vice versa.

3. Necklines.


Clip on the center of a dress or top to create a sexy v-neck look. Also try clipping your brooch unto the neckline of a simple dress or top to give it an instantly elegant finish.

4. Lapel up


Wear it the traditional way by pinning it to the lapel of your blazer, blouse, dress or top just below the clavicle to accentuate the face.

5. Make it work.


Use this accessory to close a gaping shirt, cardigan or even to hold a shawl/ scarf in place or just to add some fun to it.

6. Accessorize your hair.dsc00991

Use  a brooch as a hair pin  or attach it to the hair band to create an extra glamorous look. They can be attached to head pieces such as caps, hats and turbans.

7. Attach it to your dresses:

It can be attached to various dresses. For wrap dresses, it can be pinned where the fabric crosses over. It can also be used to secure a high collared shirt.

So Kamdolls, do you think brooches are necessary? we love to hear from you, leave your answers by commenting below… xoxo

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