Makeup: Breaking Out of The Norm

Makeup: Breaking Out of The Norm

Makeup: Breaking Out of The Norm

We get so comfortable with what we are used to and we often stick to the old saying “don’t fix it if it’s not broken”. This saying can work well with some cases but when it comes to makeup this saying is not really applicable. Take a look at your pictures from 2 months ago, do they look the same? Or have you been using a particular lip and eyeshade for months or years? Then you need to break out of the norm and explore more.

You can achieve this by;

Breaking the routine: Always wearing red lipstick can be your signature look but when you use a particular shade of red and a particular product only, it becomes a routine and there is nothing fresh about your look. Break out of this by trying new lip colours and hues. If you are not sure on what to try, read Here for lipstick colours that fit you perfectly. Let a makeup artist work on your face and discover new products that actually suit you.

Accepting that you may have outgrown your former self: We change our clothes as we grow; I bet no one has been wearing the same set of clothes for ten years so why would you use the same makeup for that long? As we grow older, our skin changes and the makeup that worked for us then just might not do it now. Makeup products get better every day with ingredients that work best with our changing skin. Your skin need makeup that will refresh it, so try newer brands it doesn’t hurt!

Kamdolls, do you have a problem with trying out new makeup and why? Please leave your answers by commenting below… xoxo


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