Your Skin & Harmattan

Your Skin & Harmattan

Your Skin & Harmattan

Just when we thought we had escaped harmattan this year…it creeped in late. Harmattan season  is usually associated with very little amount of water in the atmosphere, as a result the weather is usually very dry and harsh.

If you have a dry skin, harmattan is not a season you will look forward to, it makes the skin appear wrinkled, scaly and drier. Even if you don’t have a dry skin, harmattan is not a skin friendly season either ways. The air is the reason for the skin problems because it is so dry, and some of us have problems keeping our skins moisturized.

To keep your skin healthy and protected against the effect of the harmattan, some home remedies and skin care regime are advised. And they include

1. Drinking water regularly:

Drinking water regularly is the simplest and most common home therapy against dry skin. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to help retain the water content of the body thereby preventing the skin from losing moisture.

2. Use of moisturizing lotions:

These are lotions specially formulated to moisturize the skin. Herbal moisturizing lotions work well in providing relief from dry skin.

3. Use of aloe vera

This is a wonder plant when it comes to skin treatments. This can be used in its natural form or by purchasing skin products that contain aloe vera. Also, drinking a glass of aloe juice daily can help your skin retain moisture during the harmattan.

4. Use Lip balms:

This is very essential as your lips tend to get dry and appear cracked during the harmattan season.

5. Use milk:

Milk contains soothing ingredients and anti-inflammatory agents that will stop dry and itchy skin. Milk also contains lactic acid which will exfoliate dead and dry skin cells, thereby improving the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture. Add a few drops of lemon juice and rosewater to milk and rub on various parts of your body.

6. Use of oils:

Oils such as Olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil and baby oil work effectively against dry skin. Apply immediately after your shower for best results.

So Kamdolls, what other things do you use to prevent dry skin during harmattan? we love to hear from you, please leave your answers b y commenting below… xoxo

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