How to Cook What? Oha Soup

How to Cook What? Oha Soup

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How to cook what? Oha soup

Oha soup is a Nigerian traditional soup that has its roots from the south Eastern part of the country. Oha soup is very similar to bitter leaf soup and they are prepared the same way. The only difference between the two is that bitter leaf soup makes use of bitter leaf while oha soup uses Oha leaf. They don’t taste alike despite this similarity.

Oha soup can be eaten with a variety of foods form pounded yam to semovita.

What you’ll need

Oha leaf


Meat (any kind)

Locust beans (iru/ogiri)

Dry and stock fish

Cocoa yam (thickener)

Palm oil

Cray fish and pepper

Salt and seasoning cubes

Before you prepare oha soup

Wash and cut your oha leaf using your hands

Cut your uziza leaf

Boil your cocoa yam till it is soft. Remove the peels and pound to a smooth paste.

Grind your crayfish and pepper

Wash you meat and fish

How to Cook

1. Boil your meat using salt and seasoning cubes. When the meat is almost cooked, add your dry fish and stock fish and let them cook together.

2. When they are well cooked, add water to the stock. The amount of water depends on the quantity of soup being cooked.

3. Add palm oil to the stock and boil for like 5 minutes.

4. Add your cocoa yam paste in lumps and boil till the lumps dissolve. This serves as a thickener, so the amount depends on how thick you want the soup to be.

5. Add the ground crayfish and pepper

6. Add about one teaspoon of locust beans (iru/ogiri) and leave to boil for like 5 minutes.

7. Put appropriate amount of seasoning cubes and salt to taste and stir.

8. Put the uziza leaves and allow to simmer for a bit then stir.

9. Add the oha leaf but leave on fire for like a minute. This is to prevent the leaf form getting to soft and turning black.

10. You can eat Oha Soup with eba, semolina, amala or pounded yam.


How do you prepare the Oha soup? Is it similar or different from our recipe, Let us know..leave your comments below

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