DIY: Waxing Your Armpit

DIY: Waxing Your Armpit


Thank you so much for your feed backs kamdolls. After so many requests, we have decided to do a continuing part of the how to prevent black armpits article (if you missed it, read HERE).

Waxing is a preferred and safer alternative to shaving as it removes the hair from the roots and leaves you feeling fresh. Before we start, we advice that you get your waxing done professional especially if you are just getting started on this method of hair removal.

Important information

a. Do not wax if you are diabetic, bleaching, having sunburn, have varicose veins or broken skin, taking antibiotics, retinol or any blood thinning meds, taking meds for acne.

b. Do not wax immediately you get out of the shower. Allow time for your pores to be properly open before waxing.

c. Identify what direction your underarm hair grows, and apply the wax in that direction (same goes for shaving).

d. Waxing is not PAIN-free but it delivers a better result. The pain gets bearable after continued use. The soreness lasts just up on till the following day.

e. Waxing last for about 3weeks

With that been said, let get started.

What you’ll need:

-Wax wamer

-Pot of wax

-Wooden applicator stick

-Numbing spray (optional)

-Waxing Stripes

-Soothing oil: coconut or baby oil

-Baby powder

-Powder brush

Doing it yourself: Waxing

1. Put some baby powder on the armpit. This absorbs the excess moisture and allow for a more successful waxing.

– If you choose, apply the numbing spray right after you apply the powder. Continue until the process, skip #4 and go on to step #5.

2. Apply the sugar wax with the wooden stick in the direction of hair growth. Ensure that you do not apply too little or too much of the wax. You do not want to wax all the areas of your armpit at the same time. Apply wax onto one section at a time.

3. Place the stripes properly on the wax-applied section.

4. Whilst holding the skin just above the armpit, pull gently before ripping off the stripe (as seen in the video below). This reduces the pain and produces a better result.

5. Now apply a soothing oil: coconut or baby oil. Proceed to the other areas and repeat.

6. If you notice residual hair follicles after waxing, use a pair of tweezers or a shave stick.

Video Tutorial

Happy Waxing kamdolls. And watch out for the next post on how to prepare home-mad sugar wax….xoxo!

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