Crystal Encrusted Christian Louboutin Nail Polish: Starlight

Crystal Encrusted Christian Louboutin Nail Polish: Starlight


Its official, Christian Louboutin is all about nail lacquers now…yaay!. Following the launch of his first ever nail polish line The Rouge Louboutin(read HERE), Mr Red soles has released yet another shoe-inspired limited edition nail polish and this one is called “Starlight”.

At  $675 (about NGN123,000) per bottle the Starlight nail polish is available for sale online here and here.

Christian Louboutine Pensamoi heels
Christian Louboutine Pensamoi heels

Like the Rough Louboutin nail polish, the Starlight is also his signature red and inspired by one of his famous number, the $1,395 Pensamoi stiletto (above).


Encased in a black lacquered box lined in velvet and embellished with the same flower petals from the Pensamoi, the Starlight is just gorgeous to behold

Like that is not enough reason to buy this nail colour, the spike-topped bottle of this polish is laced with 1,500 hand-applied strass crystals…simply stunning!


Only 1000 bottles of this luxury nail polish colour were made so if you are a lover of all things luxury, go and get yours now!

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Would you give this stunning nail polish to a loved one this Christmas? let us know..leave your comments below..xoxo!

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