How to Prevent Dark Armpits

How to Prevent Dark Armpits

dark armpis

Dark armpits or underarms have always been a cause for concern. It makes you self-conscious and limits you from wearing some clothes like sleeveless outfits. If you do wear them, you become conscious and try not to raise your arms alot. The fact that it takes away your freedom and causes a level of embarrassment and discomfort means it needs to be addressed.

How to Prevent Dark Armpits

1. Avoid shaving: Shaving removes hair on the surface and leaves a stubble which gives the appearance of a dark armpit. Shaving also causes the skin to become rough and lead to pigmentation overtime. An alternative to shaving is waxing, this removes the hair from the roots and leaves you feeling fresh.

2. Reduce your use of shaving creams: Shaving creams contain harsh chemicals that can harm your skin. Frequent use of these products can lead to irritation, pigmentation, rashes and skin disorders. The safer alternative we advice again is to wax your underarms.

3. Have your bath regularly: Bath regularly especially if the weather is hot. Not taking a bath can lead to build up of bacteria that cause smelly sweat and pigmentation.

4. Avoid overly tight clothes: wearing tight and synthetic clothes cause friction that can lead to the formation of rashes and pigmentation. Synthetic clothes prevent the skin form breathing therefore they trap sweat and promote the growth of skin darkening bacteria.

5. Take control of your weight: Fat accumulates in your underarms. If you are overweight, the stored fat there can causes your skin to rub against clothing which leads to rashes and then pigmentation.

6. Personal hygiene: When you do not properly clean your armpit, it leads to accumulation of dead skin cells under the arms causing bumps and dark spots there. Regularly exfoliate your skin under the arms too. However, be gentle while exfoliating your underarms because it is a thin skin and harsh scrubs or rough handling while rubbing may cause scars and rashes.

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