Trendy Now: The Boot Cut Pants

Trendy Now: The Boot Cut Pants

Trendy Now The Boot-Cut Pants

The boot cut pants became popular in the 1990’s are back now and even thought they never really went out of style, the versatility of the boot-cut makes it a go-to piece for any season.

The Boot cut pants are  easily confused with the flare/ palazzo pants but here is how to tell the difference: the boot cut usually tapper to the knee and has slight flare from the knee to the hem unlike the palazzos that are flared from top to bottom. 

The flattering properties of a high-waist, slimmed thigh and flared hem boot cut pant are perfect for women of all shapes and heights as it can balance out curvier figures. They also specifically recommended for women with a pear body type (bigger on the bottom).  

The best thing about them is the fact that they can be worn to work, a day out and even a very formal event. 

How to make the best of your boot cut pants

1. They are perfect for wearing with heels but remember to keep the height of your shoe in mind.

2. High-waisted styles create an elegant waistline and establish a great silhouette for your hips and bum.

-it looks great with a loose top tucked in.

3. The darker the denim, the more flattering the effect.

4. Boot cut jeans with a faded thigh design will give their bottom halves a more balanced appearance.

5. Transform your look to suit every event by altering  your accessories and complementing pieces.

Check out these looks:

Look 1: Hayden Panettiere
Look 1: Hayden Panettiere
Look 2: Kim Kardashaian-West
Look 2: Kim Kardashaian-West
Look 3: @lydiamaisie
Look 3: @lydiamaisie

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