Keeping Your Eyelashes Healthy

Keeping Your Eyelashes Healthy


Eyelashes frame the eyes and protect them from harmful substances and foreign objects. They also help the eyes stand out and beautifies them. Lashes just like our hair can become brittle and dry which can lead to breakage and shedding. Not everyone likes to fix false lashes, so keeping your natural ones healthy is an important task. 

How to keep your eyelashes healthy

The major cause of eye of eyelash ailments is dryness. There are several ways to combat this dryness and they include:

1. Diet:

diet for lashes
Milk, oats and bananas

Maintain a healthy diet that supports the growth of your eyelashes. Take lots of fruits, vegetables and proteins. Taking vitamins C and E supplements can help prevent the breakage of your eyelashes. Taking lots of water will aid in moisturizing and nourishing your lashes.

2. Avoid rubbing them:

rubbing eyelashesKeep your hands away from your eyes as rubbing your eyes could tug away some delicate lashes.

3. Use makeup remover:

cleansing-eye-wipes-1 Using regular soaps to remove your makeup requires vigorous rubbing to get the eye clean and can cause dryness. Using an eye makeup remover with moisturizing properties will remove makeup easily as well as moisturize the lashes.

4. Moisturize:SkinCareTip-ForEyeLashes-Moisturizelashes-by-ApplyingVaseline

Treat the tips of your lashes with eyelash conditioner. Either a store-bought product or natural products like castor or almond oil can be used.

-When using the store- bought product, go with the manufacturer’s instructions.

-When using almond or castor oil, dip a new mascara brush into a bowl containing the oil and sweep through your lashes, taking care to sweep through just the tips.

-Applying the oil close to the lash line will encourage rubbing and irritate the eye.

5. Keep it minimal:

eyelashesExcessive usage of cosmetic products like heavy and thick mascaras can weigh down delicate lashes. Also, curling of lashes has proven to have a detrimental effect on the lashes.

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