Hairstyles That Suit Every Face Shape

Hairstyles That Suit Every Face Shape

To look your best, your hairstyle needs to complement your face. We all know that there are specific hairstyles that look best on certain face shapes but there are some hairstyles that if done well, can suit all face shapes that is oval, square, round, heart shaped face and so on.

These hairstyles include;

Bangs / Fringe:

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@makeupby_shayla & @msroshposh

Side swept bangs go well with almost very face shape, they take the emphasis off the tapered chin of a square face and they add dimension to a round face. A long face can try out this hairstyle but a full blunt bang will do better as it will add width to the face. An oval face can do which ever she feels like, lucky!

Layered hairstyles:


Layers look good on everyone. The trick with this hair style is how it is cut. Layers that start around the chin make your face look longer hence, they are suitable for a round face. Layers that start around the cheek bone add width to a face and are suitable for long faces, while a square needs a wispy look and layers that start a bit below the cheeks, this helps soften the strong jaws.



Every single person looks great on braids so this is based on personal preference. There are various types of braids such as kinky braids, Bob Marley braids, twisting and so on. You can decide to have yours short or long. Big braids are hot right now so you can decide to go with that but the tiny braids do just fine on everyone.

The medium cuts:


These are hairstyles that are not too long and not too short, the sit on the shoulders and are suitable for every facial shape. A long face will look good in a medium cut with the edges flipped out as it adds width to the face, when worn straight they can elongate a round face and soft curls with a side swept fringe look good on a squared face.

The pixie hair cut:


This suits every one if it is manipulated well but it is not for the faint hearted as it requires a certain kind of attitude. If you have a round face, be sure to get a tall layered cut as this adds height and makes your face look longer. Long faces can do this with short side swept short bangs as opposed to heart shaped faces that need side swept long bangs, oval faces can pull this look however they want and square shaped faces need their pixie cuts soft rather than spiky.

Kamdolls, if you don’t know the shape of your face yet, click HERE to find that out and start making appropriate hair styles that suit you.

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  • Regina Hammond November 6, 2014 6:37 pm

    nice hair styles

  • Gertrude onyekachi November 6, 2014 10:02 pm

    What about a lady that has an oval bar hair, is breading or fixing suitable for her,if yes, which style or probaly should be on low cut hair.

  • chimmy November 7, 2014 10:43 am

    nice one

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