Fixing a Chipped Nail Polish

Fixing a Chipped Nail Polish
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Chipped nail polish

Getting a chipped nail is most probably one of the most frustrating things to deal with because this means you have to do your manicure all over again…Argh!!! Thankfully there are some tricks on how to repair a chipped nail without actually redoing your entire manicure…

Using a glitter topcoat: This provides an instant fix as the glitter not only provides a sparkly finish but it draws all the attention away from your imperfect nail polish. The larger the glitter, the better this trick works and what’s more… you get an entirely new nail look.

Patching: This requires absolute concentration and accuracy; one way is to carefully apply a coat of polish to the chipped area alone then using a top coat to smooth out the edges of the wet blob to make sure the patch blends in with the rest of the nail… another way is to moisten your index fingertip with nail polish remover on the hand that doesn’t have the chipped nail you are trying to fix and rubbing it on the chipped nail to remove any roughness. After this, place a fresh coat of nail polish on the chipped nail and wait for it to dry then apply a polish sealant to avoid further chipping.

Filing/Clipping: This can be used when the chip is at the top edge of the nail; the nail can be filed down to remove the chip or if you happen to be the type that can’t stand filing of nails… you can use a nail clipper to carefully snip that portion of the nail but be careful not to clip off too much nail. You can adjust the length of the other nails if you see the need to, once this is done, paint on a clear topcoat and wrap the polish along the tip of the nail by using left to right strokes.

Kamdolls, do you have other methods for fixing a chipped nail? share with us by commenting below… xoxo

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