Corporate Drape #22: Wearing Crop Tops To Work

Corporate Drape #22: Wearing Crop Tops To Work

Wearing a crop top during the weekend is one thing but wearing it to the office? That’s something else. Whether your office follows a strict dress code or not, no one wants to go to the office looking half naked and crude. There are various ways which you can wear a crop top to work and still look polished and official.

With a high waist: When wearing a crop top to work it can be combined with a high waisted pant or skirt. The aim here is to show off no skin since you are in a work environment. You can also pair this combination with a blazer to further cover up more skin.

With a gown: This is probably the safest way to wear a crop top to work. It can be worn over a tank/ bodycon gown or any other suitable gown. There is no risk of any skin showing here and it gives the illusion of a skirt a and shirt ensemble.

More ways to style a crop top to work without showing so much skin

  • Ensure your crop top is not too tight so you’ll have some breathing space in it.
  • You can pair with a pencil skirt
  • You can also pair with a flared or fitted midi skirt.
  • If your tummy feels exposed, try layering an open cardigan or jacket or blazer over your top so only a hint of skin is showing in front. This will make it feel a little more covered up.

See how these kamdolls did it!…enjoy!

crop tops-Corporate Drape #22: Wearing Crop Tops To Work
Look 1: @mskristine
crop tops
Look 2: @missenocha
Look 3: @brittbradley
Look 3: @brittbradley
Look 4: @creamyjoy
Look 4: @creamyjoy
Look 5: @newhipsterstyle

Would you wear a crop top to work? Yes or No?..Do leave your answers below…xoxo!

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