DIY: How to Clean Your Makeup Brush

DIY: How to Clean Your Makeup Brush

Washing your makeup brushes is very important and should not be overlooked. It can help improve your skin massively including its texture, appearance and overall health.

It is advised to wash your makeup brushes as often as you can to prevent;

-your skin from breaking out

-getting damaged from brushing on bacteria on it continuously,

– the lifespan of your makeup brushes from getting shortened. 

Cleaning Your Makeup Brush

Any makeup brush used on a liquid cosmetic (like concealer, foundation, eye primer, lipstick, cream eye shadow, etc.) should be cleaned everyday. If you have sensitive, itchy, watery, allergy eyes- this will really help. For all other makeup brushes, they should be done at least once a week. And if you are breaking out, then it is advised to wash your makeup brushes everyday until your skin clears out.
Clean your brushes one at a time, using the same water temperature that you would use to wash our hair. Don’t scrub too hard  and never stand your brushes up when they’re wet! Always air dry your brushes- but in case you have a hot date at the last minute, you can blow dry them on a cool, low temperature.

What you will need

  • 1 cup of hot water
  • 1 tablespoon of white vinegar
  • A Dry Hand Towel
  • Toilet roll
  • Mild soap or face wash
  • Somewhere Flat to Lay Them to Dry

Step 1.

makeup brushes

Soak brushes for about 20 minutes, rinse them off with warm water and then rinse again with cooler water.

Step 2.


  1. Any bar soap will do and all you need to do is have a specific bar soap designated for washing your brush to prevent cross contamination and always store it in a clean soap dish preferably with a cover.
  2. Wet the soap and the makeup brush, swirl the brush on the surface of the soap until all the dirt comes off.

-Bar soaps are preferable for washing makeup brushes and tools like the Beauty blender and Eye shadow brushes.

And if you choose to use a face wash

  1. Drop a tiny dot of the wash into your hand.
  2. Swirl the brush around gently in a circular motion and then switch it up.

Step 3.

makeup-brushes 2

  1. Rinse the brush, while leaving the dirty Soap in your hand.  Constantly check to see if the brush feels and looks clean. If not- repeat and rinse again.
  2. If you’re still having trouble- you can use a tiny dab of Olive Oil first to loosen up the makeup and then wash.
  3. If it’s clean, rinse your hand and your brush thoroughly until the water runs clear.
  4. Lay it flat on the dry towel and move on to the next brush. 

Step 4.


  1. Fold the towel over the brush head and gently press your brushes dry to rid them of any excess water.
  2. Take the makeup brush and place it up against the toilet paper roll- and roll it up snugly.
  3. Find a  warm, dry place (sunny window sill works well) and lay down the towel.  
  4. Reshape the brush bristles to their original shape and lay them flat on the towel to dry.
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