Corporate Drapes #13

Corporate Drapes #13

Hello ladies, looking stylish, chic and yet corporate everyday to work can seem almost impossible and hard to achieve but the truth is this, it doesn’t take alot to pull this off. Like the old saying “the little things count”. It not all about the piece of clothings like the corporate dress or blazer or even the shoes.Switch your focus to the other tiny details; the state of your hair do, your manicure, the accessories etc.

Below are a few things to always put into consideration when getting ready for work

1. Constantly maintain your hair, manicure, shoes and bags. Ensure that your nail polish isn’t chipped, your shoes are well polish and you bags are not ripped or destroyed.

2. Get fitted corporate clothes that flatter your figure, your clothes should not be big or too tight. Curvy ladies especially should learn to cover their flabs, it is unattractive when a woman wears clothes that are showing her unflattering side. The point of dressing up is to look good, comfortable and still corporate.

3. Get conservative lengths, shapes and patterns for skirts and trousers. Looking decent to work is very often misinterpreted for boring and plain. Stylish corporate clothings also come in moderate and decent lengths. Mix up patterns and colours. Amp up your looks with fashionable accessories.

4. Always have a blazer or jacket in various colours and designs. They totally transform your look and  allows room for versatility. 

5. Avoid wardrobe malfunction as much as you can. Always and i mean ALWAYS! do a proper assessment of your outfit in front of a mirror before stepping out. Check for camel toe if you are wearing trousers. Ensure that zipper is functioning right. Do not let your bra straps or panty liners be visible…..ever!.

6. Charcoal, black and navy suits are must haves in your wardrobe. These pieces are totally fashionable and can be transformed from a day outfit to a night-out piece. How do you achieve this? stick with bright coloured pieces; camisole or blouse, bag, shoe, scarf and accessories to spice this up.

7. Lastly you do not have to spend so much on clothes if you cannot afford them. Invest in few great quality pieces and mix and match them with other outfits in your wardrobe. Remember..

“It is not about what you wear but how you wear it”.

See how these lovely kamdolls dress up for work.

Style 1: @benakat Corporate Drapes #13
Style 1: @benakat
Style 2: @chicly_yours Corporate Drapes #13
Style 2: @chicly_yours
Style 3: @geriee_berry Corporate Drapes #13
Style 3: @geriee_berry
Style 4: @mamakapearl
Style 4: @mamakapearl
Style 5: @shessooverdressed
Style 5: @shessooverdressed

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    I love it all its all exceptional #thumbUp#

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