DIY: How to Clean & Care For Your Jewellery

DIY: How to Clean & Care For Your Jewellery

Cleanliness affects the beauty of your  jewellery and, while professional cleaning is recommended, maintenance between cleaning’s can ensure that your jewellery looks good all the time. And to keep your  jewellery beautiful, you should take care wearing, cleaning and maintaining it.

Never clean damaged jewellery, since it’s likely you will worsen the problem. Avoid handling the damaged piece until it is repaired.

Basic recommendations for cleaning your jewellery. 

1. Beer: 

Beer jewellery

Splash a small amount of beer unto a cloth then rub it on your gold pieces. To remove any dirt or tarnish, this works best with light or amber colored beer.

2. Soda;


This is one of the easiest tricks and it works best with gemstones. For all your diamonds, sapphires and any other precious gems, pour yourself a cup of soda and drop your jewellery in it overnight. Your diamonds would become much more sparkly the next day.

3. Ketchup;


If you have silver jewellery pieces that don’t get clean with the white vinegar trick, you can use an old toothbrush to apply ketchup and give it a good scrubbing.

4. Vodka;


It can be used on glass and anything crystalline in nature to remove dirt, this means its fine for diamonds and diamond like glass stones, give your stones a good scrub with a vodka soaked cloth.

5. White vinegar;


if you have any jewellery that is pure silver, you can soak it in a mixture of ½ a cup of white vinegar with 2 tablespoons of baking soda for about two to three hours. When you remove it, it would be like brand new.

6. Ammonia;

Soak diamond jewellery in a solution of 1 cup warm water and ¼ cup ammonia for 15 minutes. Use a soft bristled brush to scrub away the remaining grime.

7. Antacid Tablets;


Drop two tablets in a glass of warm water and put your jewellery in it for two minutes then remove it and rinse.

8. Aluminium foils;

Aluminium foils

Line a tray with a piece of crumpled aluminium foil and place your jewellery on the foil. Sprinkle a layer of baking soda and then hot water over the jewellery, the dirt would transfer from the jewellery to the foil. You need to move the jewellery around so all sides would come in contact with the foil.

9. Detergent;


use a very mild detergent and warm water to clean your jewellery

 -You can put your pearls being that they are porous on a soft cloth and dip a brush in a mixture of warm water and shampoo and go over each pearl, rinse the pearls with a clean damp cloth and let the strand dry flat to prevent the string from stretching. It’s also good for turquoise another porous stone.

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