How To’s: Wearing Ripped Jeans Without Looking Trashy

How To’s: Wearing Ripped Jeans Without Looking Trashy

Ripped jeans also known as distressed jeans are in style again. You have to be confident to wear them because they convey a rebellious or care free attitude. If your style leans towards prim and proper you won’t be able to rock ripped jeans. They can be really nice but it’s very easy for you to look trashy in them if you don’t wear them properly.

Some people get brand new distressed jeans while some create theirs from an old pair of jeans, some like to go all out with really large holes while some people prefer medium sized holes. There are a few tips to keep in mind to avoid looking trashy in ripped jeans and they include:

1. Consider the occasion; ripped jeans are very casual and not appropriate for occasions where you have to be properly dressed. They are great for not so formal to semi formal events like movies, hang out with friends, graduation parties etc.

2. Choose how much you want to show; the general rule is the smaller the denim the less ripped it should be. A pair of denim shorts should be less ripped or distressed because you don’t want to be exposing too much, avoid wearing ripped miniskirts. If you feel you’re overexposing you can wear a pair of leggings or pantihose underneath what you’re wearing for extra coverage and style.

3. Keep an eye on placement; you need to take note of where the holes are and what part of your body would be exposed with that hole, for instance a gigantic rip near your back pocket won’t be ideal.

P.s if you’re buying jeans that are already ripped, spend wisely, you don’t need to spend so much money on it, you can as well create your own with some old jeans. See how HERE.

 See how these kamdolls scored great points in their ripped jeans/ distress denim outfits…xoxo!

Style 1: @diaryofdocdiva
Ripped jeans
Style 2: @lucymayfinnegan
Ripped jeans
Style 3: @shoshosethu
Ripped jeans
Style 4: @tauraimary
Ripped jeans
Style 5: @justporsh

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