Beauty Secrets To Irresistible & Soft Lips

Beauty Secrets To Irresistible & Soft Lips

Having soft and irresistible lips is not wholly dependent on the type of lipstick or lip gloss you apply. It may however require you to give-up using them or to switch up lip colour and product. Soft lips are always going to be irresistible and to get this would require concious effort and care. 

Let your lips show. Don’t hide your soft, kissable lips under a thick layer of lipstick or lip gloss. A natural look is almost always more attractive.

Below are guidelines to making your lips irresistible and soft;

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1. Strawberry. For a quick breath freshener, bite into a strawberry then rub it gently across your teeth. The fruit acid keeps teeth white and freshens your breath too.

2. Baby Toothbrush. To keep lips smooth and kissable, use a baby soft toothbrush in a gentle circular motion to exfoliate after applying a dab of Vaseline or baby oil.

3. Lip balm with UV protection. Lips burn much easier than normal skin. Use a wax-based lip balm on your lips when you get up in the morning. Make sure it has an SPF of 15 or better to keep your lips from getting sunburned, and keep the balm with you so you can reapply after eating or before going outdoors

4. Lip Gloss. Lip gloss dabbed in the centre of lips (top & bottom) makes them appear fuller again.

5. Lip Liner . If your top lip is not as full as your lower lip, use a lip liner slightly thicker on your top lip to give a fuller effect, and this will give the illusion of beautiful fuller lips.

-Lining your lips will give them a ‘finished’ look, and it will give your lip shade (light or dark) a long lasting colour. Lining lips also controls “bleeding” of the colour and gives fuller lips.

To balance a top heavy lip, use a lip liner to exaggerate the ‘V’ shape of your top lip (cupids bow) and the rest of your top lip. Don’t outline the lower lip, and use your lipstick to fill in your lips.

6. Foundation. To give your lipstick staying power, when you apply foundation to your face, cover your lips too to take away the natural blush of your lips. (Make sure you moisturise both lips and skin first and leave the moisturiser for a minute, so it will absorb into the skin.)

-Apply lip liner and then blot with a tissue.

-fill in the whole lip area (with the same lip liner if you want a vivid matte colour) with your lipstick and then blot with a tissue and repeat once or twice. This will give really good coverage and will seal in the colour for much longer. 

b. Foundation for Lasting Colour. For nude or scarlet lips, apply foundation completely over your lips for a more striking and long lasting colour and effect, regardless of whether light or dark colour is used.

7. Lip Plumpers . Lipsticks and lip glosses now have ingredients to plump up your lips. If you use one, you will feel a slight tingling. This is just the blood rushing into the lips, which also give them a redder look. Start with a clear lip plumper if you’re not too sure. The results are temporary but brilliant for a night out or a special occasion. They work quickly, so you can re-apply for impact during the evening.

8. Two Coats of Lip colour Can Address the Balance. To balance a bottom heavy lip, apply lip colour to both lips, then apply a second coat to the top lip only.

9. Prevent Lipstick on the Teeth. Here is an easy trick to stop lipstick getting onto your teeth: After having completely applied your lipstick, pop your index finger into your mouth and straight out again (you’ll see any excess lipstick around your finger), and this will completely stop lipstick on teeth.

10.  Break the habit of licking your lips. This makes them feel better for a few minutes, but ultimately causes more chapping. It also removes the lip balm that is protecting your lips.

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