How To Appear Taller (Longer Legs)

How To Appear Taller (Longer Legs)

Every lady, regardless of our different heights, desires to look taller. If not all the time, but from time to time. Tell you what, you can always do something about how you appear just by the way you dress.

Below are some tricks you could pull off in order to appear taller or create the illusion of longer legs.

 1. The high-waisted, wide-leg trousers

Shea Pedro
Shea Pedro

You wanna make high-waisted, wide-leg trousers your best friend. As anything high-waisted creates the illusion of a higher waistline and longer legs. This ultimately makes you look taller than you actually are.

 -You could opt for floral prints or embellishments for a fun and casual look.

2.  Vertical stripes 

twynkle loves

Vertical stripes on your trousers also helps your legs look extra long. As seen in the above picture, the lady paired her high-waisted, striped trousers with a pair of strappy sandals. Vertical stripes or even pinstripes, creates an instantly slenderizing optical illusion.

 3. Heels

twynkleloves shoe

Any heels of your choice will do just fine. Preferably Wedges and block heels, as the platform offers the ease and comfort you desire. So go get some wedge sandals. Plus, wedge sandals are the best to pair with your high-waisted, wide-leg trousers.

-For the ladies that love Pointy toes, you sure can wear them. As a matter of fact, pointy toes elongates you feet, giving the illusion of longer legs.

-They inherently improve your posture (which makes anyone look instantly 10 pounds thinner), but there’s no better way to flatter and lengthen your legs.

4. Matching the colour of your trousers and shoes

Stella of @jadorefashion


Wearing matching trouser and footwear also helps create the illusion of longer legs.

Don’t forget you could share your secret styling tricks to longer legs in the comment box below…xoxo!

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