Re-growing the Edges Of Hair After Braiding or Fixing Weaves

Re-growing the Edges Of Hair After Braiding or Fixing Weaves

It is a common misconception that your hair would grow only when you braid it or fix, but know this your hair would grow regardless of braiding or fixing. What braiding or fixing  does is that it helps you retain the length or growth achieved during the period you’re on the braids or weaves. This is because when your hair is in this state it requires less manipulation like combing and brushing, therefore less stress is put on the ends of your hair and the ends don’t get the chance to break.

A lot of people worry about growing their edges and there are various things that make the edge of the hair cut like aging, health issues and a number of  other things.

Re-growing your Edges

1. The first thing to do to stop your edges from being thin is to stop all things that add tension to your hair like braiding or packing your hair too tight. 

2. Don’t get your hair done right to the edges, you can keep the edges tidy with gel and water everyday. 

3. Constant wearing of tiny braids puts a lot of tension on the hair and it leads to thinning.

4. Give your hair the chance to breathe by giving it at least a couple of days before braiding or doing anything to it.

5. Wearing your braids for too long tends to decrease the length retention.

6. Lay off chemical processes before and after you braid or fix as your hair is in a weaker state than normal.

7. Deep condition your hair before braiding and also wash and condition it once you take the braid or weave off.

8. When wearing your braids wash your hair regularly alternating a light silicone free conditioner one week and a sulphate free shampoo the next week.

9. If your hair has been recently braided try not to pull your hair back in a ponytail or bun.

10. Alternate your hair styles to prevent repetitive pulling and tension from doing the same style over and over.

11. Corn rows (Ghana braids) are less damaging than the individual braids.

12. Moisturise and oil your hair after shampooing.

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