Flat Belly Foods

Flat Belly Foods

Flat Belly Foods

You need to eat right if you want to have a flat belly. It’s not just about the exercise but about what you eat. If you exercise and you don’t eat right then you’ve not achieved your goals, eat right and exercise right that’s the way to get the perfect abs and flat belly.


Flat belly

this nut is packed with belly busting power. Almonds help build muscles, reduce cravings and it makes a good snack. Avoid salted almonds instead nibble on raw almonds that still have skin.


beans-flatulence_5Beans are known as gas givers but they help fire off fat and regulate digestion. They help you feel full so it’s less likely you over indulge.

Olive oil;

oliveoil2It helps slim your belly because it contains monounsaturated fat that burn calories and fat



Slice up a fresh avocado to eat and it would keep hunger at bay and you’ll be rewarded with a full serving of mono-unsaturated fatty acids which help burn belly fat.


eggsthey are packed with protein and also contain vitamins that help fend off hunger and break down fat cells


walnutsthey are wonderful and they help burn body fat, avoid salted walnuts, eat them all natural instead


garlicsits thermogenic, it boosts metabolism and burns belly fat


Soya-Beanit thwarts the accumulation of fats and changes fat to energy

Dark chocolate;

darkchocolate don’t consume more than ¼ cup per day to get rid of belly fat.

Whole grains; your body starts to store fat when your insulin levels rise. They burn fat by slowly releasing their energy so insulin levels don’t spike.

Salmon; it’s fully of omega-3 acids that encourage fat burning

Turkey; it contains leucine that helps maintain muscle mass while you shed weight and its super low in calories and high in protein which is good for burning belly fat

-Vegetables such as broccoli and asparagus are fat free and accelerate fat burning process.

Apples, grapefruit; researchers found out that eating grapefruit three times a day helps to lose weight even without changing diet.

Other things that can aid losing belly fat are pork, spinach, nut butters (1/4 cup is proper per day), non-fat Greek yoghurt, Mushrooms, low fat chocolate milk, berries and vinegar.

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