How To Contour & Highlight All Face Shape

How To Contour & Highlight All Face Shape

How To Contour & Highlight All Face Shape


Contouring is a way to make your face look really structured by using make up. It make your cheeks stand out, your nose smaller and also make it look like you don’t have a double chin. It seems like an intimidating task that should be left to professionals but it isn’t so hard. Contouring is the easiest way to change the overall look of your face. Since your face is a combination of light and shadows, adding a darker contour creates false shadows that give the appearance of depth.

How to contour and highlight

How To Contour & Highlight All Face Shape

1. Start with a clean moisturised face; before applying any make up ensure your face is clean and apply a good moisturiser.

2. Choose the appropriate tools; you may do full on coverage or just contour a feature you would like to alter, this is key for the proper brush you use for your make up.

3. Use a foundation that is your tone and blend it on your face.

4. Contouring with cream concealer. Use a cream concealer that is two shades darker that is two shades darker than your skin.

-Use your finger to apply under your cheekbones and chin, to thin your nose apply on each side beginning at the bridge of the nose then set the powder

5. Contouring with powder. Use an angled brush and a powder two shades darker than your skin, use the same tricks as with the cream only using your brush instead of your finger, use a clean brush to buff out the lines.

  • Not everyone needs to contour if you feel your cheeks are prominent and your face is thin it is best not to contour.

Watch the tutorial video below and start contouring your face like a pro!

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