Kamdora’s Pick: Fascinators

Kamdora’s Pick: Fascinators

Ene-Maya-Lawani-Spring-Collection-LookbookA fascinator hat is a small ornamental headpiece that fits on the head using an alice-band-type base or headband or even a small comb. It is always lightweight and usually features feathers, beads or flowers. The use of the term fascinator began in the 1990s when such headpieces became popular for wearing at weddings without ruining your lovely hairstyle or giving you a helmet head.

Worn at first on catwalks and then to weddings, these days it can be worn for any occasion, but mostly formal. The only purpose of a fascinator is hair decoration. The fascinator always sits at an angle on the head as if perching on top of the well-groomed hair and complementing the look of the hair. 

The popularity of the fascinator has been increased by royals. Even the Queen wore a fascinator for the wedding of her grandson Peter Phillips. Wedding Fascinators are a fashion alternative to the traditional wedding veil and brides/ bridesmaids can wear them in lieu of a veil, but fashion-forward guests can pull them off best. Our favourite styles are a bit more toned-down than the British aristocracy’s picks, and they are perfect for staying cool and looking stylish at a wedding.

With the wedding season coming up, that is a great excuse, as a wedding guest, to pull together your beautiful veil or headpiece to ensure you get your look spot on!

Here are our favourite ways to rock a fancy hat…Enjoy!wedding-hair-accessories_0003

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Camilla Hook and Sam Holland wedding
Pippa Middleton

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    Would love to rock it on wedding day. For it’s more suitable and lovely for weddings.

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