Kamdora Weddings: How to Choose the Perfect Wedding HairStyle For You

Kamdora Weddings: How to Choose the Perfect Wedding HairStyle For You

When it comes to wedding ceremony hairstyles there is no incorrect and correct, merely a distinction in preference. During the wedding gown search, brides are able to try on sample after sample before saying yes to the dress. That’s what makes choosing a hairstyle difficult: It’s impossible to do a trial run of every style you’re interested in. 

The very best point you are able to do to make sure which you really feel comfy and appear excellent in your large day time would be to remain correct for your individual design and not attempt and be some thing which you aren’t. If you’re the sort of girl who prefers basic elegance when it arrives to style then do not get a fussy, spangly dress and decorate your head of hair with all sorts of sparkly bits and curls. Should you go for simplicity more than glamour inside your daily existence, then the exact same ought to be mentioned of one’s wedding ceremony dress as well as your head of hair and makeup!

1. The Dress Factor

Style 1
Style 1

Depending on your dress’ neckline, shape, fabric and/or special features,  abride’s hair should complement her gown, not compete with it. The formality of your outfit is key and should dictate the direction you go with your hair. Always consider the neckline on a wedding dress. If it’s high then go up. If it’s low, down could look better and for complicated dress designs, try to keep it simple. You don’t want your hair to take away the attention  from the dress.

  • For a chic, big ball gown style dresses look best with dramatic updos.
  • For peasant dresses, high-waisted frocks, or any other period-influenced cut — either wear your hair in loose curls– maybe sprinkled with small flowers take well to curly hair — or tied it back.

2. The Head Accessory: 

Style 2

Be sure to find an effective way to attach your headpiece if you have one to your hair. If a hair accessory bothers you from the start, you don’t want to risk being miserable for the entire ceremony and reception. Look for accessories that require fewer pins or have fewer teeth.

  • Wide-toothed combs just aren’t going to cut it with straight and fine hair; replace them with finer combs.
  • Wavy and curly hair are more suited for headpiece staying power — use bobby pins, barrettes, or combs, whatever works for you.
  • Unless you have the budget to have your hair styled twice (and quickly, the second time!), make sure the ‘do you choose goes well both with your headdress and without.

3. Season and Time-of-the-year Factor

“Consider time of year you’re getting married when choosing whether or not to put it up,” Sorensen says.

  • For humid months, it’s probably a good idea to go with an up do. It will stay and you won’t have to worry about it.
  • For dry months, it’s better to leave it down.

4. The Length factor

Style: The mini barrette look
Style 4: The mini barrette look


  • If you have short locks: There are some seriously sexy and glam looks for short-haired brides eg the The mini barrette look
  • If you have long locks: If you decide to wear your hair up — a wise choice in the summer or if your hair is prone to frizz or mood swings — there are many wonderful ‘dos you can do.
  • Scour fashion magazines, consult with your hairdresser, and ask friends for help with trying styles out.

5. Stick to what YOU KNOW works for you

Style: sisi yemmie
Style 5: Sisi Yemmie


Your wedding day is not the time to try anything drastic that could create damaging effects. If you’ve never cut your hair short before, it’s probably not a good idea to do a trial run of that before the wedding. Also,

  • don’t overdo it with products. Hairspray is a necessity, but you still want your hair to look natural, not completely frozen in place.
  • The same is true for gel and volumizing mousse.

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