MBGN 2014 Finalists In Their Local Traditional Attire+ How to Vote!

MBGN 2014 Finalists In Their Local Traditional Attire+ How to Vote!

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Every year we wait for the contestants to give us a creative twist to the traditional attires and again this year we are stunned..

How To Vote: 

You can vote for your favourite via the official Facebook page –www.facebook.com/SilverbirdMBGN | tweeting your choice at twitter.com/silverbirdmbgn | www.silverbirdmbgn.com

Check out the stunning cultural outfits the contestants wore to represent their unique state and vote for your favourite outfit!!

Mbgn -kamdora.com- Kamdora.jpg4 Mbgn -kamdora.com- Kamdora.jpg5 Mbgn -kamdora.com- Kamdora.jpg6 Mbgn -kamdora.com- Kamdora.jpg7 Mbgn -kamdora.com- Kamdora.jpg8 Mbgn -kamdora.com- Kamdora.jpg9Mbgn -kamdora.com- Kamdora.jpg 2 Mbgn -kamdora.com- Kamdora.jpg10 Mbgn -kamdora.com- Kamdora.jpg11 Mbgn -kamdora.com- Kamdora.jpg12 Mbgn -kamdora.com- Kamdora.jpg13 Mbgn -kamdora.com- Kamdora.jpg14 Mbgn -kamdora.com- Kamdora.jpg15 Mbgn -kamdora.com- Kamdora.jpg16 Mbgn -kamdora.com- Kamdora.jpg17 Mbgn -kamdora.com- Kamdora.jpg18Mbgn -kamdora.com- Kamdora.jpg 3 Mbgn -kamdora.com- Kamdora.jpg19 Mbgn -kamdora.com- Kamdora.jpg20 Mbgn -kamdora.com- Kamdora.jpg21 Mbgn -kamdora.com- Kamdora.jpg22 Mbgn -kamdora.com- Kamdora.jpg23 Mbgn -kamdora.com- Kamdora.jpg24 Mbgn -kamdora.com- Kamdora.jpg25 Mbgn -kamdora.com- Kamdora.jpg26 Mbgn -kamdora.com- Kamdora.jpg27 Mbgn -kamdora.com- Kamdora.jpg28 Mbgn -kamdora.com- Kamdora.jpg29


Makeup – Zaron

Location: Lekki Conservation Centre

Photography by Di-Act Photography 

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What’s your favourite outfit and did it represent the state well? Leave your comments below!


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