How To’s: Belts As Acceossories

How To’s: Belts As Acceossories

Belts can feel odd when you’re not used to wearing them. Sometimes it’s just a question of getting used to the extra pressure around your waistline, so allow some time to get used to the feeling of wearing a belt.

As history serves, belts were born out of need and were just a tool to keep your pants from falling down. Today, belts are one of the most used, chic accessories that women love to add to their wardrobe. One of the most effective ways to spice up your dress is to belt it up. Belts look equally good for a casual look as for a formal one. A belt worn in the right way will make your outfit glamorous and well put together.  There is unfortunately, also a ton of ways to wear them disastrously and spoil your outfit.

Here are a few guide lines on how belts can transform your looks:


1. Cinch Your Waist:


Slidechastity valentine

The most obvious use, in many ways, but well worth mentioning. Cinching draws attention to your waist, and if that’s your goal, belts can help you get there.

2. Bring down a waistlineIf you’ve tucked in your shirt and the waistline of your skirt or pants falls ABOVE your natural waist, belting an inch or so below can draw the eye back down.


Hip-slung belts aren’t fabulous on my bod, but they are a great way to bring they eye even further down. If you want to create balance in your figure by making your hips appear larger, a low belt will help!

3. Bring up a waistline

Alternately, if you’d rather give the appearance of a high or empire waist, belting above your natural waist is just the thing.

4. Add a POP ‘o’ Colour

Although many belts are neutral, it’s easy enough to hunt down colorful ones, and they are a simple, fun way to add colour to your ensemble. Even muted tones that contrast the rest of your outfit can add interest.

5. Adjust fit


Belts are no cure-all. Ill-fitting clothes will always fit ill, no matter how beautifully belted. But a shirt, dress, or skirt that is just a bit loose around the waist can be adjusted easily with the addition of a belt. The dress pictured above is a great example from my closet: Too loose on its own, perfect when belted.

6. Add definition beneath layers 


It’s kind of amazing how this optical illusion works. Even if you’ve got on a boxy or loose outer layer, belting your inner layer will make your waist appear more defined. 

P.s If available, pick belts that are part elastic as they will stretch with your body, giving you more comfort.

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