5 Lip Colours You Need This Season

5 Lip Colours You Need This Season

Whether we’re talking, kissing or laughing, our lips do a lot, so it’s important they always look great. The right lip color will not only draw the attention to your mouth in the best way possible, but can also help you complete the perfect summer beauty look.

Whether you’re a lipstick fanatic looking to spice up your collection this summer or you’re completely new to the lip-color game, HC is here to help with a guide of the shades you absolutely need to rock this summer.

1. Pink


If you’re looking to make a statement during a night out, makeup expert Dorothy Strouhal from Your Makeup Expert recommends a bright pink hue.

With such a bright shade, it’s important to tone down your eye makeup to avoid looking overdone.

While this shade is ideal for medium to dark skin tones, if you’re on the fair side, you can still rock this look (hello, Emma Stone!)! If you’re worried that this color might pop a little bit too much against your pale skin, go for a slightly darker shade, like this M.A.C Lipstick in Candy Yum Yum.

2. Coral

coral lips
Coral lippy

A lip-colour shade that’s been taking over the fashion world, coral is the perfect summer shade for someone who’s looking for a unique look that still plays it safe. Try Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Kiss Me Coral ($7.99) for a bold and flirty look that will also plump your lips! Coral is ideal for any summer occasion, whether it’s in the office, on a date or simply walking around town. Wearing this shade instantly makes your look chic.

If your skin is on the lighter side, go for a lighter shade of coral, such as peach with orange tones. For darker skin, try a heavier orange base.

3. Vibrant Red

Shirley B

No matter what the season, every lady needs a red lip in her collection. “A classic red lip is always in style!” Strouhal says. “So find your favourite shade and wear it well! Red always has a commanding and classic look when done right.”

4. Tangerine

Noah Premiere
Emma Watson

Don’t be intimidated by the name! Going for a shade of orange doesn’t mean you’re going to look like a pumpkin. Tangerine offers a striking look that doesn’t intimidate

Tangerine is the perfect shade to transition from day to night. For a shade that has a great balance of orange and pink (great for all skin tones!).

5. Pink-Based Nude


Wearing a soft pink or nude lip colour allows you to keep your mouth looking great while highlighting other parts of your face without looking like you’re overdoing it. A nude lip can seem outdated or too boring for your exciting summer plans, but by adding a pink undertone to this classic style, the look instantly refreshes to one that’s fresh and flirty.

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