Get_Fit: How to Gain Weight Fast!

Get_Fit: How to Gain Weight Fast!


While most people worry about being on the wrong side of the health curve and want slimmer waist lines, there are a bunch of us who tried time and again to gain weight. Some people can’t simply seem to increase weight as they grow in age, which can be a cause of concern. Possessing proper weight is important and integral to maintain good health and a healthy mind.

Weight Gain Diet Program:

If you are one of those skinny people who is often asked by doctors, people and friends alike to gain weight, then you should try this weight gain diet program.

1. You Need More Calories:

It’s simple mathematics! The easiest way to gain weight is to increase the daily basic calorie intake. Normally, a person needs about 1200 calories every day for the proper functioning of the body. The idea is to eat that type of food, which provides more calories in less amount. This is because people, who are underweight, generally tend to eat smaller portions of food. If you want to gain weight, eat food with more calories, even if the serving is small. Add cheese to your sandwiches, have mayonnaise with your sub, add butter to your salads etc.

2. Eat More Often:

The idea is to increase the number of times you eat in a day, since you as a person, who eats smaller portions. Make sure you eat calorie-rich food and also the food that is rich in vital nutrients to fulfil your body’s needs and requirements. If you generally eat 3 meals a day, make the number go up to 5. If you were having juice at 4 pm every day, replace it with a milkshake with full fat. These small changes will help you increase weight.

3. Add More Protein And Lean Meats:

Proteins are often stored in the body as fats and they also add to muscle mass of the body. Protein will contribute to healthier weight gain to increase in the muscles rather than store fat under your skin, which becomes flab. Include more of chicken, fish, mutton, eggs, milk, cheese and paneer in your daily food.

4.  Weight Gain By Using Supplements:

Today, the market is brimming with all kinds of weight gain supplements, which provide the body with vital nutrients to help in faster muscle development. So, if you feel that the increase in food intake and change in your dietary patterns is not helping you out, the idea would be to add supplements to fasten the process of weight gain through these.

5. Get Your Body Active And Workout:

Okay, now this is a pet peeve! Many a times, skinny people are made fun of when they talk about working out. But here is the thing. Working out is important, irrespective of your body type. A skinny person needs to workout to stay healthy too. In fact, as much as it is important to focus on your food intake, it is equally important to ensure that you get your body to work out on a daily basis to gain weight in the right manner. Join a gym to get guidance and proper insight into the workout that would help you gain weight in the healthiest possible manner without stressing you out for the rest of the day.

However, if at all you are still unable to gain weight or nothing seems to be working, it is also important to talk to a professional. There might be some underlying medical reasons that are not letting you gain weight. Thyroid problems, malabsorption of nutrients, etc., can be the reason behind your skinny frame. A thorough body check-up can help you identify the root cause and fix it.

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